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Legends of the Rand Hunt Pack
These are merely a few of the outstanding hounds that live on in our memories. 
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Blencathra Traveler '04
By Blencathra Cleaver ex Blencathra Trinket

Born on 22nd April 2004 in the Blencathra Kennels, this black and white smooth coated hound was named "Traveler" (spelt the american way with one "l" on his original pedigree certificate), as his breeder Barry Todhunter, had earmarked him to travel to South Africa. Traveler's breeding brought the toughness, resilience, stamina and good feet that makes Blencathra hounds so well suited to the conditions of our hunting territory.

He arrived at Johannesburg International as a 4 month pup and was raised with the "C" litter - Crystal, Cotton, Chalky, Clatter, Crafty, Cobbler, Chieftan & Canon. From the time he started his hunting career as a New Entry, he showed his ability to hunt with independence - always convinced that there was scent to be found other than where the drag had laid it. Sleek and long legged he had a habit of leading all the new entry off in the wrong direction at the beginning of each line until finally the huntsman's and whippers-in's frustrations at having to search for him at the end of a long morning's hunt, led to his being "banned from drag hunting".

Traveler's notoriety as a drag pack hound always kept the car followers entertained and resulted in his constantly fetching high prices at the Patterson Cup Party. For the last 6 years of his life Michelle Basnett was been his proud sponsor, outbidding everyone else.

The first litter he fathered in 2007 with Crystal included included Tanner, Truman, Charmer and Comely all of whom matured into top class hounds. His offspring fortunately inherited his excellent hunting ability without the independent streak that is better suited to live hunting. The breeding with Crystal was repeated in 2009, producing Anna, Telford & Talisman and a year later his offspring with Actress &rsquo09 included Spotter, Sultan and Striker, the 2 latter "Black and Whites" along with Charmer and Comely remain pivotal members of our pack.

At the age of 12 years, Traveler still joined the early morning exercise once a week, always trying to lure the entire pack into a covet, after an interesting scent. Sadly severe arthritis finally made life most uncomfortable for him and we had to say goodbye.

He earned his place as a legend of the pack as he is the father of many of our top hounds and has had a profound effect on our pack's look and abilities.

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