Cheeky '99

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These are merely a few of the outstanding hounds that live on in our memories. 
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Cheeky '99
by Marshall '93 ex Actress '92


The 2009/2010 season was this popular hound's final season. Highly adventurous, she was perfectly named. Always investigating anything interesting, she kept the whippers-in constantly busy. With her sharp scenting abilities she was indispensable in the hunt.

Throughout her life she always had the same sponsor being Michelle Basnett, who could never be outbid at the Patterson Cup auction!

Sponsored by:
2009/10 Michelle Basnett
2008/09 Michelle Basnett
2007/08 Michelle Basnett 
2006/07 Michelle Basnett 
2005/06 Michelle Basnett 
2004/05 Michelle Basnett 
2003/04 Michelle Basnett 
2002/03 Michelle Basnett 
2001/02 Michelle Basnett 
2000/01 Michelle Basnett