At the Meet and in the Field

What is a Drag Hunt?
At the Meet and in the Field
Dress Code
Hunting Terminology 

It is a good idea to arrive early and be mounted and ready as soon after 7.30 am as possible. The Field will move off promptly at 8.00am.

The cap fee, which is collected before the field moves off, is normally R300 for adults, R150 for children. At some hunts where the amount of land or jumps available is limited the cap fee is reduced.

The onus is on the rider to pay the cap fee before the field moves off.

There will be a short talk by the Field Master beforehand. The Field Master introduces the Huntsman, the Whippers-in and the Hack Masters. The talk includes some general guidelines and specific information for the day.

Bearing in mind that most hunting behavior and etiquette is merely an extension of good manners and common sense, here are a few tips

  • Always give way to and face the hounds (to prevent your horse kicking out at them).
  • Remember that the Hunt Servants have the right of way (they are generally the ones wearing red coats)
  • Never ride too close to the hounds
  • Never overtake the Field Master
  • If your horse refuses a jump, get out of the way as quickly and as safely as possible.
  • Do not ride too close to the horse in front of you.
  • If your horse kicks, tie a red ribbon to the tail and keep at the back of groups. A red ribbon is merely a warning. It is still your obligation to make sure your horse does not kick another horse, person or hound.
  • If someone falls off, make sure that they are all right and that there is someone to look after them. It may be necessary for you to wait with them especially if they are trying to re-mount.
  • If you intend leaving the hunt early you must tell the Field Master and whomever you have been following. This is both so that your route home does not interfere with the hunt and that they do not start looking for you. (We discourage riders from leaving the hunt early)