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1990 to Today
Determined to protect the future of Inanda's equestrian activities, interested members were spurred on to initiate a project, which resulted in the acquisition of Newfarm. The additional 100 acres were acquired in 1990 funded primarily by members of the Rand Hunt and Inanda Country Base, who invested R 740 000.00. The Inanda Club contributed R 260 000, which incidentally matched the cumulative surplus shown by Inanda Country Base for the 4 years prior to the purchase. Although attempts have been made to allow some sort of security and payback for these shareholders, most regard their shareholding of Newfarm (Pty) Ltd to have been an interest free loan, which may or may not ever be repaid. The structure of the Newfarm voting gives the Inanda Club a blocking control of the investment.

The Rand Hunt continued to thrive throughout this period helped along by the dedicated passion of the core members of the hunt. Sue Goodman was recognised for her outstanding commitment to the Hunt when she was appointed a Joint Master in 1997

Even with the purchase of Newfarm, the pressure on the Club's land holding was enormous. It was only the generosity of Inanda Country Base's neighbours that allowed the development and continuation of the Club's full activities. This casual arrangement was certainly not sufficient and when the adjacent land was launched as the Saddlebrook development a revised strategy for Inanda County Base was conceived. This was dependent on the acquisition of more land and on 20th February 2001 Bill Marshall and Lawrence Clark concluded a deal on behalf of the Inanda Club with the Phuting Era School Trust (now Summit College) for the lease and eventual purchase of the land now known as Inanda Fields. This deal was intended to give Inanda Country Base and the Rand Hunt "critical mass" to ensure that equestrian activities could continue in the area for the foreseeable future.

"The more things change the more they stay the same"
Following Earle Seal's retirement to Sedgefield, Margie Marshall and Lawrence Clark were appointed as Joint Masters in 2006. Sadly ecomonic pressures created an unbearable burden to maintain the ownership of the land known as Inanda Fields and it was sold in with a 'back to back' riding servitude deal to Century Properties, the developers of Riversands in 2012. The sale also has provided a sum 'ring fenced' for the purpose of acquiring new suitable land.

Lawrence Clark resigned as a Joint Master in 2011 and Sue Goodman retired from 'active duty' in 2013. Conor Doak and Margie Marshall continue as the current Joint Masters. Together with the Hunt Committee and the ever willing band of helpers, they passionately guide the Rand Hunt into the future as an equestrian sport suitable for the 21st century. The excitement of drag hunting can still be enjoyed 127 years since its first appearance in the area and the Rand Hunt continues to grow from strength to strength and popularity.

The Joint Masters- Conor Doak and Margie Marshall