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Inanda Club
The Inanda Club Web Site
Cape Hunt Club
Founded in 1822. Meets on Sundays, May through to September.
Master of Foxhounds Association
Find out about UK hunts and foxhunting in general - What it is - Where it happens. There are links to to other important sites which include insights into all the key issues - animal welfare, jobs, social and cultural, pest control - as well as a range of other subjects. The section entitled "Code to Good Hunting" is very interesting.
The Masters of Draghounds and Bloodhounds Association
The MDBA represents all draghound and bloodhound hunting in Great Britain, along with some packs in Southern Ireland.
The Blencathra Foxhounds
Visit this site to see where our latest imported hound, Traveller, came from. Most of the hounds in our pack have some direct connection to the Blencathra hounds.
Direct Link to The Blencathra Foxhounds page
Go here to see Traveler's brothers and sisters - Charmer, Cheerful, Cora, Crowner, Captain and Crackshot. Traveler's 'parents' were Cleaver and Trinket. Note that the Blencathra date their hounds from the year they are entered rather than as we do by their date of birth.
The Sydney Hunt Club
They follow the old English pastime of fox hunting albeit with an Australian flavour. Sundays and selected Wednesdays from May to October.
North East Cheshire Drag Hunt
Founded in 1958. Their kennels are located in Charlesworth, Glossop.