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Hound Exercise

Hound Exercise 2021-01-17

Rand Hunt Meets - Cancelled
Considering the fitness level of the hounds, it would be unwise not to take them out regularly at present. The difference between a hunt meet and a hound exercise is the amount of support people required to make a hunt work, as well as the closer working conditions required for the riders and support staff. Therefore we need to continue with a hound exercise schedule, but actual hunting is difficult to justify given the tone of the lockdown regulations. Until the lockdown is lifted (currently scheduled for 15th February - hopefully) we will replace all the Sunday meets with hound exercise from the kennels.

Hunt Calendar

14 Feb 2021 Hound Exercise   
20 Feb 2021 Fairview Vrede  Weekend Away 
28 Feb 2021 Kennels, ICB  Inanda Country Base 
07 Mar 2021 Blue Bird, Hekpoort  Cap Fee: Adults R300, Juniors R150 
14 Mar 2021 Ruffel's Drift  Cap Fee R350 adults, R150 Juniors 
21 Mar 2021 Blue Bird  Cap Fee: Adults R300, Juniors R150 
28 Mar 2021 Closing Meet  Inanda Country Base 
10 Apr 2021 Rand Hunt Banquet  Inanda Club, Sandton 
13 Aug 2021 AGM  Inanda Country Base Clubhouse  
14 Aug 2021 Download and Print Calendar