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A Gentle Intro to Hunting

Closing Meet 2021-03-28

The Closing Meet is always spectacular, good fun and interesting. Everyone is welcome as we cater for riders of all skills. If you do come and it is your first time out in the field, make sure you introduce yourself to someone with a red coat or red collar and they will ensure that you are looked after according to your riding ability.

People following in vehicles are taken to various viewing vantage points to see the hunt in action and given an explanation of what is going on. [SEM]

We meet at Inanda Country Base Bowl at 7.30am in the morning. [SEM]The hunt is normally over by 10.30am when all are welcome to gather for a "bite to eat" and refreshments for the traditional "Hunt Breakfast" at the new Clubhouse on Inanda Country Base. [SEM]

Horse Boxes [SEM]and CAR FOLLOWERS [SEM]should enter Inanda Country Base using the WEST GATE. [SEM]Horse Boxes [SEM]should park behind the grandstand of the the Show Jumping Arena. [SEM]Car Followers [SEM]park next to the gazebo at the dam below the Show Jumping Arena.

Cap Fee: Adults: R400
Juniors: R200
Per car Following: R400

Breakfast at The
Rand Hunt cash bar [SEM]

Hunt Calendar

01 Nov 2020 A Gentle Intro to Hunting  Inanda Country Base 
08 Nov 2020 Bye Day, Kennels ICB  Inanda Country Base 
15 Nov 2020 Highlands, Van Reenen  This will be our first 'away weekend' this season. 
21 Nov 2020 Patterson Cup Party  Venue to be confirmed 
22 Nov 2020 Bye Day, Ruffel's Drift  Running Free, west of ICB 
29 Nov 2020 Opening Meet  Meet at the Bowl arena on Inanda Country Base. 
06 Dec 2020 Blue Bird, Hekpoort  Cap Fee: Adults R300, Juniors R150, Cars R300 
13 Dec 2020 Children's Meet  Inanda Country Base 
17 Dec 2020 8 Rose Road  Cap R350 adults, R150 juniors, R300 per car following 
26 Dec 2020 Boxing Day Inanda CountryBase  Cap Fee: R400 adults, R200 juniors, R400 per car 
03 Jan 2021 Blue Bird, Hekpoort  Cap Fee: Adults R300, Juniors R150, Cars R300 
10 Jan 2021 Kennels Meet, ICB  Cap fee R400 adults, R150 juniors, R400 per car following. 
16 Jan 2021 Blue Bird Outride  Hekpoort 
17 Jan 2021 8 Rose Road  Adults R350, juniors R150, Cars R350 
24 Jan 2021 Ruffel's Drift  Meet at 7.30am -. . . . . . Adults R350, Juniors R150, Cars R350  
31 Jan 2021 Kennels, ICB  Inanda Country Base 
07 Feb 2021 Astley Manor  R300 adults, R150 juniors, cars R300 
14 Feb 2021 Jazz Breakfast Meet, ICB  R400 adults, R 200 Inanda Club members, R200 juniors, R400 per car 
20 Feb 2021 Fairview Vrede  Weekend Away 
28 Feb 2021 Kennels, ICB  Inanda Country Base 
07 Mar 2021 Blue Bird, Hekpoort  Cap Fee: Adults R300, Juniors R150, Cars R300 
14 Mar 2021 Ruffel's Drift  Cap Fee R350 adults, R150 Juniors, R350 per car  
21 Mar 2021 Blue Bird  Cap Fee: Adults R300, Juniors R150, Cars R300 
28 Mar 2021 Closing Meet  Inanda Country Base 
10 Apr 2021 Rand Hunt Banquet  Inanda Club, Sandton 
13 Aug 2021 AGM  Inanda Country Base Clubhouse  
14 Aug 2021 Download and Print Calendar