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Bye Day, Inanda Country Base

Riversands 2018-03-04

Cap Fee Adults R300, juniors R150, R300 per car following
Meet at 7.30am 

Access to Riversands
If you are hacking to Riversands from the ICB side, you are welcome to follow the Rose Road route. You may use the servitude below the pallisade fence from Inanda Fields into Riversands.

If travelling by vehicle, please follow the tar road up Zinnia and south of Summit College onto Riversands. Once you are on the dual carriageway that runs North / South through Riversands turn right at the circle that goes to the market.
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Use the pallisade gate to the left of the market entrance and park under or near the blue gum trees.
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Hunt Calendar

04 Nov 2018 Bye Day, Inanda Country Base  Meet at the kennels on ICB 
11 Nov 2018 Bye Day, Inanda Country Base  Access will be diffcult from Maple. Meet at the kennels on ICB. Click for details.