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A Gentle Intro to Hunting

Bye Day, Inanda Country Base 2017-11-12

Access to this hunt will be difficult because of the 947 mountain bike race, which has a route across Zinnia and Maple.

They enter ICB from the back gate using Bridle Pass and exit ICB at the West Gate. This means the West Gate cannot be used for vehicle entrance to ICB. Horse boxes must please use the gate at the end of Maple Road, which will be opened for the purpose. Cars should enter using the main gate on Rose Road.

Please alllow time to be stopped on your way to ICB to wait for a gap in the cyclists. The roads will not be blocked completely - but there will be delays.

A Bye Day is a less formal hunt. The purpose is to re-introduce the hounds to hunting and to bring on the new entry hounds. Riders need to be extra cautious of the hounds and novice hunters are to keep well away from the pack.

Dress: "Rat Catcher"

Cap Fee Adults R250
Juniors: R150
Per car following: R250

Hunt Calendar

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