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Hunt Ball Inanda Club 2019-04-06


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The Rand Hunt Ball is held each year to mark the end of the hunt season. 

The dress code is very formal with many of our gentlemen members and some guests wearing white tie and tails and the rest wearing 'black tie'. Most of the ladies will wear glamorous ball gowns. This is a special and unique occasion that always turns into a party lasting into the early hours of the morning.
The Ball offers a full evening of entertainment and fun that is unique to this celebration of the end of the season with all the traditional events of a Hunt Ball taking place. 

The Rand Hunt Ball

Inanda Club, Forrest Road, Sandton

Saturday 6th April 2019

The arrival time is 6.30 for 7.00pm.

This is a brief outline of what to expect (as well as a few surprises along the way)
Stirrup cup on arrival.

This is a special concoction served in a sherry size glass that is traditionally offered to the riders before a morning's hunt. Weather permitting, the guests enjoy the evening outside over looking the polo field. The cash bar will be open for pre-dinner drinks.
A hound parade and display on the polo field
A selection of 10 of our top hounds are brought to the club and are paraded on leads on the polo field. A 'line' (the artificial scent trial) is laid around the field and the hunt master will set them off to find and follow the scent trail as display of their tracking skills - even in the dark.
Dinner is announced at 8.00pm

A horn call announces dinner is ready and the guests enter the ballroom and take their seats. A three or four course dinner is served, showcasing By Word of Mouth's culinary skills.
Toast to hounds
This is a serious note of gratitude to the focus of our sport - the hounds and is a very traditional sign of respect, generally delivered by someone very close to the hound pack, in our case our joint master and huntsman.

We do announce some awards in the evening, but this is kept fairly short as we realise it is not that meaningful to all the guests. We do however call to the floor all the 'Subscribers of the Rand Hunt' as a group to be acknowledged by a round of applause for these members' contribution to the club.

Live band and dancing
The band booked for the 2018 Hunt Ball is the ever popular Havana Gas

Horn blowing competition

It looks and sounds simple, but blowing the hunting horn is very difficult. This is always entertaining with someone always surprising us with his or her skills at replicating the demonstrated hunt calls. Prizes are awarded to the best two or three horn blowers.
Midnight gallop

Basically a conga line lead by our field master around the ballroom and outside. The party continues before and after this tradition.
Ladies can can competition

Very popular with the ladies and of course the gentlemen. Prizes are awarded to the best two or three ladies.
Breakfast (1.30am)

To keep everyone's energy going an early morning breakfast is served.
Dancing 'till late!

And the party continues

R850.00 (inc VAT) per person
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